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How Bright?

We get asked all the time how bright our Night Glow baits are.

It all depends on what light charged them up. Nice bright sunshine is the best but the LED light on the back of your phone is a close second.

Shine the LED light on your Night Glow bait for a couple of minutes to get a good, bright glow.

Click on the video to see how bright the Corn Stacks are with just a few seconds of charge.



Danny Loves Abbey… Again!

Top angler and all round nice guy, Danny Champion is over at Abbey Lakes fishing in the Forces Carp Classic.
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You might recognize him if you look back through our albums. He had a huge haul of 15 fish to over 40lbs last year at Abbey.

This is the first fish to come out putting Danny in the hot seat!
This one fell to one of his ever faithful Corn Stack rig.
More to come as the event progresses…