Its been a busy week

It’s been a busy few weeks in the world of evolution carp tackle.
We’ve launched a NEW PLUG to our range and have had a great response to it, THE CORN PLUG is fastly becoming one of our most popular and sort after baits, proving a winner with you all already, thank you for all the positive messages we’ve received so far.
The chance to win your corn plugs is still live, so scroll through our page to see how to enter as times running out.

We also had team consultant DANIEL HEGAN out on the bank recently, using the ever faithful CORN STACKS to aid a recapture of a fish he banked on the SAME method back in April this year.
Taking a week long trip to a favourite venue Dan needed some chill time on the bank to recharge the batteries after a busy few months at work.
The session started slow, 3 days of chasing fish which then led to 2 stunners on the bank, Both low 30s, a welcome capture and a familiar fishy friend on the bank.
Well done Dan. # EVOLVE
Carp love a corn stack too!

We also had our PROMO TEAM MEMBERS and brothers Bradley and Lewis Phillips in the BYAC COMPETITION over at linier fisheries, after an amazing eliminator round the boys were in the final.
This pair are a great duo, and using baits to TOP OFF bottom baits the pair finished 3rd and 11th place in this fantastic event.
Both the guys saw big fish on the bank and had an amazing competition overall.

Our congratulations to them both, we’re very happy for you.

These are just some of the events happening in the world of evolution carp tackle.
Stay tuned for more.
Thank you all for your continuing support.
We’ll see you on the banks sometime.

Bradley and LewisDan