We are very pleased to show you our first “Tackle Item” in our range of products. After 2 years of R&D we have now finally pulled off what seemed to be impossible and made a 3 in 1 product….

A landing net that then turns in to a weigh sling and then if needed in to a buoyant retainer…The “NSR”

NSR Registered Design


The NSR (net/sling/retainer) changes the way we are now able to care for the fish once we have hooked it. We can now land the fish in the NSR which is buoyant, so unlike a normal net that sinks…the NSR floats so once the fish has come to the net chord all you have to do is press the front of the net down and guide the fish in. Once in the NSR then simply allow the fish to sink to the bottom Snapshot 2 (16-10-2015 20-50)of the net. Now the fish is secure and safe and gives you time to prepare to deal with the fish. Most of the time the fish just sulks in the bottom of the NSR without any more stress being put on the fish or the angler.





Simply pull the NSR back to you, remove the rear section of the handle and break the net down in the normal manner. Then close the net and the fish is now in a sling designed to carry a fish because it spreads the load and does not make the fish curl up when lifted.

DSC_0030 (1)

This is Danny Champion with a 30lb fish in the NSR42….we had the fish up one end of the NSR but as you can see the fish is still flat on the bottom and very well supported.

The mesh sides have intentionally been left as open as possible so you can see the fishes fins are tucked back and safe before you lift the NSR.






The CORRECT way to break dwn the NSR