Terminal Tackle

The Last Element Range…

Our new terminal tackle range, with a new swivel designed to attach the hook directly…The 360 Rig Swivel

For many years i have been using a normal quick change swivel to make this rig but found that not only is it awkward to open the normal swivel but sometimes when opening it you can actually fracture the metal…thats always worried me when i was playing a big fish. So now we have developed as swivel specially designed for the job.

Not only is it a new design but it is also now made from much stronger Stainless Steel.

The ‘Bait Clip‘ and ‘Hair Stops‘ and the New “Giant Hair Stops” are essential items to help you create your unique rigs. The ‘Bait Clip’ comes with night glow option that can transform your night fishing trips. The bait clips are ideal to use when creating your rigs, especially when making the popular Ball Baits & Cocktail Baits.

The ‘Hair Stop’ & The “Giant Hair Stop” comes in packs which can be ordered in a variety of colours and will help you secure your bait safely and easily.

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