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Name: Kevin GossKevin Goos


I started fishing at the age of 9; well sea fishing to be precise, guided and taught by my grandad, we began casting a rod from the end of Southend pier or along the local beaches in Essex, doing the best we could to catch a few fish as we went along. We then slowly started the progression into coarse fishing, while trying a bit of everything, from the float or pole, the feeder and even a bit of fly fishing thrown in for good measure (some of the best years and memories of my life). After a while I began moving onto & targeting only carp, but sadly from about 19 I stopped it all (What a “%£$ and yes I regret it). I re-emerged back into carp fishing around 7 years ago, testing myself out on local day ticket waters and park lakes to find my feet again, in the sport id almost forgot. Iv since become truly immersed into my carp angling around 3 years ago, when myself and our team Chronicle Fishing started writing and reviewing fisheries in Rob Maylins, Big Carp Magazine. We have traveled up and down the UK and over to France helping showcase their lakes in the magazine and we’ve been fishing new waters every month now for the last 3 years. I’ve been blessed and lucky enough to see some amazing venues and catch some beautiful carp & not to mention meeting some great people along the way as well. Since then the journey has not stopped and fishing is as much a joy and pleasure to me now, as it was all those years ago. I’ve become involved with some fantastic angling companies since the beginning and I’m now very happy and excited to be included in the Evolution Tackle Promo Team as part of my next angling adventure. #EVOLVE

 Affiliations: Chronicle Fishing, Big Carp Magazine, Galaxy Baits, Castaway-PVA,  Evolution Carp Tackle
UK PB – 37lb 4oz French PB – 60lb 2oz