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For many years myself and many other anglers fished with cubes of luncheon meat. Although in the early days before the hair rig came along we used to miss as many bites as we caught, the shape of the bait normally resulted in a well hooked fish. To my thinking it is to do with the fact that the cube has flat sides and the fish when it sucks up the bait is not ready for how far the bait will actually travel in to its mouth.

Myself and the team at evo wanted to bring out a bait that could not only be used as a very effective bottom bait and something that is rarely used in modern carp angling, but a bait that could be effectively used as a surface bait. The design of the Cubes has taken all this in to consideration during its design.

It can be attached to a hook directly and with the use of hook beads it can be mounted┬áto the shank of the hook and free line cast out in to feeding carp. The Brown colour is perfect to fish with mixers or pellets and the white or dirty white can be fished with free offerings of bread…We all know how much carp love bread!

For Bottom baits rigs you can use all the colours and tip off with a maggot cluster of a matching or contrasting colour to give a bait that is totally unique and that the carp would have not encountered before. The washed out pink can be effectively fished with free offerings of luncheon meat…an old school favorite that fish still love today!

The cubes are made from the same super soft food grade plastic as our corn stack and corn balls. They are very buoyant and can  take on flavours.

They are 20mm x 20mm x 20mm so they are a big bait commonly called “Donkey Chokers” They can easily be cut down and customized to any size or shape you wish, giving you the opportunity to do that something different that might give you the edge and make it a very special days fishing!

You get 6 cubes in a box and come in 6 popular colours:-

Mixer Brown, White, Dirty White, Pink, Washed Out Pink & Yellow

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Cube Colours

Mixer Brown, White, Dirty White, Pink, Washed Out Pink, Yellow, Pellet Brown, Mixed Pink, Mixed White