Dumb Bell Bait


8 per pack and available in 10 different colours.

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The Dumb Bell System (DBS)

We have developed our own take on the ever popular Dumb Bell shaped bait.  This shape has been the downfall of many wary carp over the years, which we put down to the actual shape of the bait and the way it acts inside the carps mouth once sucked in.  Because it is not a regular shape ie round, the bait swirls around inside the mouth and it makes it much harder for the fish to eject without getting hooked.

We have designed our DBS with a hole on the top and bottom, this is to enable them to be used in conjunction with out Maggot Ball Clusters. Simply add 2 Clusters to the loop made for the hair stop and pull tight, the hole at the bottom can be used to either fix a shot or swivel to balance the bait as required.  The addition of the clusters to the top of the DBS gives a totally unique bait presentation that the carp just have not seen before.

We have also added a hair stop slot on the side of the bait, so that it can be used sideways either on top of a boilie or on its own for a different presentation.  The DBS is made from our unique super soft food grade plastic and is buoyant and readily accepts flavours.

The DBS comes with 8 pieces per pack and in 11 popular colours including 2 new colours, Brown to match a pellet and a Cream to match a washed out pellet, other colours are Purple, Pink, Yellow, White, Green, Red, Glow, Orange and Black.

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Cream, White, Pink, Green, Red, Glow, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Brown, Black