Maggot Ball ‘Clusters’ (pop-up) – Bulk Pack


Available in packs of 35:-

In either mixed, red, white or the new Naturals Bulk Pack (7 of each of the 5 colours)

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The Clusters have been a huge success since launching them in 2014. Never did we imagine just how many ways people would find to use these revolutionary baits.

Each cluster has a slotted grove underneath which has been designed for the hair stop to go in and not protrude. It also allows the cluster to be manipulated into different shapes by folding or compressing and this gives a new dimension as to how they can be used.

One of the most popular methods of using the Clusters is to create Cluster Balls. Simply push 4 to 6 clusters on a baiting needle and tie into a ball. Because the Clusters are buoyant they make the perfect Chod rig. Purchase the Maggot Ball Bulk Pack to get 35 clusters in either mixed colours (5 of each colour), red or white to get better value for money, and now the Naturals Bulk Packs (7 of each of the 5 colours)

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MIxed – 5 of each colour, Red, White, Mixed – 7 of each Naturals Colour