NSR 50 Combo Kit


The NSR takes fish care to a whole new level, now we can care for the fish in a way not possible before. The fish stays in the net you used to catch it until its released…no need to transfer the fish from net-sling.

No more carrying fish in nets that make fish bend when they are lifted. The NSR has support through both axis so the fish has support in a device designed to move and retain fish.

The NSR has been made from the very best materials available, from the top quality mesh to the cnc machined stainless steel metal work and super slim carbon fibre 2 piece handle. The kit is complemented with a carry bag that has space for an extra net that can be purchased separately if required.

The CORRECT way to break dwn the NSR


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Due to popular demand we have added the “NSR 50 Combo Kit”


The NSR 50 Combo Kit comes with 1 x 50 Net Head and 1 X 42 Net HEAD, 2 x Stink Bags, 1 x Two Piece Handle, 2 Retention Cords and Attachments and a Carry Bag.


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