State Record for Adam Cieplik

A Huge well done to Adam Cieplik.

After catching the 29lber I was very happy. Sat around for a few hours and decided to wrap it up. Grabbed my left rod and reeled it in. I’m placing the hook on the eye of my rod and my middle rod shoots off. I grabbed the rod and the carp went right towards the current. Put a lot of pressure on it and it crashed at the surface. When I saw the size of the crash I knew I had something “pretty good”.

It darted down stream then back up. Tried to get into some weeds then went back down again. The power of this fish was impressive as it went towards more weeds. I ran into the river chest deep and pulled it out of a weed bed. The fish was right in front of me and rolled over on its side. I’m now freaking out trying to net this thing. After 4 attempts I finally net this beast. I looked at it and freaked out. I started yelling stuff that weren’t even words. I pulled the carp toward my cradle and called my father.

My dad came down and I took the carp out of the sling I had in the water the whole time. Took some pictures and waited for the carp to get back to normal. Let it go and watched it swim away.